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"Kei Ikeda’s workshop for our cohort of Montessori-guides-in-training provided 3 hours of joyful adult learning. After a brief introduction, Kei introduced us to many different ways we can incorporate movement and dance into our prepared environments without creating interruptions to the natural flow of children’s activity.  Most of our students were on site for the workshop, but even those who were Zooming in benefitted from Kei’s clear modelling and facilitation. As a result of her workshop, at least 10 more Montessori adults are empowered to integrate movement and dance into Cosmic Education. Thank you, Kei!"
— Rebecca Dallam, AMI 6-12 Director of Training

"Kei had a beautiful way of working with the children, creatively weaving in their interests and ideas, including poetry and imagery from nature. She offered them keys to explore movement, imagery and music that could be used to follow up other presentations in the classroom. Kei is very clear in her direction and her movements encouraged the children to let go of any fears or preconceptions of what dance 'should be'. Thank you, Kei!" 
— Trish Terrey, Elementary Guide

"Thank you Kei for a program that was engaging and accessible to all students of all abilities, to allow the children to explore movement in an intelligent way, plus your gentle nature is divine!"
— Principal, Cameragal Montessori School

"Thank you for your creative dancing sessions."
— D.Y. Elementary Guide

"The workshop on dance during the AMI 6-12, Diploma course conducted by Kei, opened new avenues in terms of what we could use with the children in our class to ensure coordination of movements. She introduced us to different kinds of movements and  as a group we were also able to experience the fluidity that comes with practice. Personally, I enjoyed the creation of group sculptures and I would practice this with any group[ adults or children] I will be working with because this encourages teamwork and cooperation.
— Suganthi Vijayakumar, Trainer in Training, AMI

"Dance is just as important as any other discipline in Montessori Education. Having the vocabulary and experience to integrate dance into the Prepared Environment makes learning fun, enjoyable and more diverse! I highly recommend learning and knowing more about dance so Guides (Teachers) can sow as many seeds of interest as possible to the children. My experience with Montessori Dance was very fun and engaging and you didn’t need to be an expert to participate. This is great knowing that dance can be integrated in such a way that everyone can participate and create! I believe dance can play a role in society as medicine, fun, creativity, and physical and emotional wellbeing. I'm really excited to incorporate dance wholistic in the prepared environment and to see what the children come up with."
— Courtney Webster, Elementary Guide in Training

"Kei Ikeda has conceived the most wonderful fusion of Montessori and modern dance.  The philosophy, grace, flexibility and respect of Montessori together with her professional dance experiences have created rich learning and activities for children to explore concepts sensorially and synthesize them in new and exciting ways through dance.  Who would have thought that a beautiful dance sequence could come from the letters in a child's name...Kei's creativity is inspiring."
— Principal, Lindfield Montessori Preschool

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the past weeks of dance classes that you led with the children. Your passion for dance and ability to connect with the children was wonderful. You made the classes fun and engaging, and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves."
— Toby Marshall, Farmhouse Montessori School 

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