Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous dance experience to offer dance to the children? 
Absolutely no dance experience needed! The exploration of dance that Montessori Dance offers is exploratory and based on improvisation based activities that anyone can do with ease. Our aim is to offer the language of dance as a tool with which children can express their ideas and creativity. It is not about teaching dance steps and running a dance class in the traditional sense. 


Why do you offer workshops for both educators and children?
We offer workshops for both educators and children so that there is a shared understanding and appreciation of the language of dance. We believe that dance can most effectively be embedded into the Montessori environment when the adults and children are both well equipped with the language of dance. 


Why don’t you offer dance classes where children learn the steps? 
Montessori Dance is committed to offering the language of dance with which the children can explore and create their own movement phrases. It engages the mind and body very differently to learning, repeating and perfecting the dance steps created by the adult. The dance activities we offer focus on fostering creativity, curiosity, observation, collaboration, choice making and improvisation. Children develop ownership of the dance phrases they make as opposed to ‘getting the steps right’. 

What style of dance do you teach?

Montessori Dance doesn’t teach a specific style of dance. We offer an approach to dance and movement exploration that is based on improvisation activities where children respond to ideas, concepts and stimulus through movement. Montessori Dance’s approach is influenced by postmodern dance and somatic practices. We view dance as an artform and a language through which human intelligence and creativity can express itself in infinite ways. Introducing the dance exploration activities offered by Montessori Dance might open the doors for further explorations into dance styles and dance from around the world. The possibilities are endless!