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Are you wondering what dance and creative movement exploration might look like? Here are some videos and offline activities to get you started. 


Suitable for 

  • Children 6-12 years old

  • Educators who want to learn more about dance 

  • Educators who want to share the activities with younger children aged 3-6 years old 

  • No dance experience is needed to engage with the activities on offer.

Introduction to improvisation 

Watch this short video and find out more about the process of improvisation and the spirit from which to engage with such a process.

The Story of Dance 

Stories play an important part in Montessori education. Here is a short story about dance that might get you going on learning more about the different types of dance from around the world.

Safe Dance Practices

Learn how you can safely and comfortably explore dance and movement in your space. Here is a safe dance document you can print out: Safe Dance Practice Guidelines.

Exploring Pathways

We can imagine the invisible lines we create as we move through space. Come and engage in this simple and fun activity. 

Exploring Levels and Shapes

Have a go at making different kinds of shapes with your body and explore the space around you through the perspective of levels. 

Exploring Dynamics

Our movement can express different qualities such as soft, sustained, sharp or sudden. Do a little improvisation exploring these contrasting qualities.

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