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Hello and thanks for stopping by. Perhaps you are reading this blog because you are interested in integrating dance exploration into your Montessori learning environment or curious about what this Montessori Dance is all about.

Montessori Dance aims to offer dance and creative movement exploration to children and educators as a form of expression that is available and accessible to all.

There are so many different ideas and perceptions of dance. So often it is seen as an art form that is only for the select few who are highly trained or that 'it's not what I do/it's not for me.'

In our Montessori teacher training we come to appreciate that anyone can create art, music, poetry, solve mathematical problems, engage in scientific investigation etc. The same goes for dance and movement. We are made to move! Human beings have been dancing throughout history and in so many cultures dance is part of everyday life.

Our vision is to support educators and children connect with the language of dance and movement and to have it embedded into the daily life of the Montessori learning environment.

In future posts I'll go into more detail about how dance and movement can be explored in the Montessori environment and how it differs from traditional dance classes.

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