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Sensing, Listening and Responding

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I'm currently undertaking an interconnected leadership course and came across this idea of evolutionary purpose. It got me thinking about how it mirrors our practice as Montessori guides. I think that it also, interestingly, resonates with the practice of improvisation in dance.

Frederick Laloux explains evolutionary purpose as an approach to leadership that involves sensing, listening and responding rather than predicting and controlling. Isn't this so true with the work that we do where we observe and respond to children's evolving needs and interests?

We can't predict and control a child's unfolding development. We shed the need to control the outcome and focus on what is presented in the moment. We commit to the process. This, I think, is also true for the process of improvisation in dance; to become present to the interests that emerge by sensing, listening and responding through movement.

You might like to listen to this walking practice by Street Wisdom and practice sensing and listening to your body.

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