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Our reasons for being

Montessori Dance was born out of a vision to offer Montessori educators and children access to the language of dance and creative movement exploration.

We offer inspiration and guidance to bring about the expression of children's creative spirit through movement by working directly with children and supporting the adults who guide them.

Our core values guide the spirit of all that we do so that dance exploration can enrich the life of the classroom for both children and educators.

Curiosity: choosing and cultivating curiosity to see possibilities

Connection: developing connection to self, others and the environment through movement

Empathy: serving and leading through understanding and compassion

Generosity: giving fully and sharing freely

Integrity: committing to be guided by our values

Inspiration: it is through inspiration that we learn and grow

Service: being of benefit for children and educators

We look forward to bringing the beauty and joy of dance and movement exploration to you!

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