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Cultivate Connection, Creativity and Courage

Do you want to cultivate connection and creativity for both yourself and for the children that you guide? Skilling yourself up with the knowledge and tools to integrate creative movement into your class is one very joyful way in which you and the children can do this together.


Moving together can not only fast track the process of building connection but also strengthen the relationship between all those involved. Positive relationships are fundamental to children's development and wellbeing.

"Out of connection grows compassion and passion-passion for people, for students' goals

and dreams, for life itself."

- Rachael Kessler, The Soul of Education (2000)

At a recent Montessori Dance Educator Workshop presented at the MSCA Grassroots Conference, a participant shared the following reflection, highlighting the power of dance as a deeply connecting experience.

"From the amazing short activities we did in that session with people we hardly knew, I understood how dance truly is about making connections..."

Participants connecting through dance at the MSCA Grassroots Conference 2022


Creativity isn't magic nor is it a superpower available to a select few. Creativity is a skill that every person can develop.

"The magic of the creative process is that there is no magic."

- Seth Godin, The Practice: Shipping Creativity (2020)

More than ever, we need to collectively cultivate creative ways of thinking, seeing and taking action to navigate and flourish in our complex world.

I frequently refer back to Sir Ken Robinson on the subject of creativity and education. Watch this short TED video on Why Schools Need to Embrace Kid's Creativity.his Sir Ken Robinson notes in this video that children are generally not afraid of being wrong and that if they don't know something, they will give things a go. He further expands that if you aren't prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original. This takes me to the next point about courage...


It takes courage to learn and put into action something new and unfamiliar. It takes courage to do something that might not turn out as you expect.

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen"

- Brené Brown

I noticed at the MSCA Grassroots Conference that many people were reluctant to participate in the dance workshop. We needed to do some myth-busting about dance and one person noted that those who didn't attend the workshop were too scared to self express.

I get takes courage to be vulnerable and express yourself through movement. However, being courageous is something we can all pratice and perhaps it is all the more enriching if you embark on the journey with others.

"Loved the practical session which gave us all courage :)"

Book an Educator's Workshop today and give yourself the gift of cultivating deep connection and creativity in your classroom.

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