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Montessori Dance

Guiding the infinite creative expression of human intelligence through dance. 


We offer workshops for both educators and children to support the integration of creative movement expression into the Montessori learning environment.



"Kei Ikeda’s workshop for our cohort of Montessori-guides-in-training provided 3 hours of joyful adult learning..."
— Rebecca Dallam, AMI 6-12 Director of Training

"Kei had a beautiful way of working with the children, creatively weaving in their interests and ideas, including poetry and imagery from nature..." 
— Trish Terrey, Elementary Guide

"Thank you Kei for a program that was engaging and accessible to all students of all abilities, to allow the children to explore movement in an intelligent way..."
— Principal, Cameragal Montessori School


For Educators

We value the important role Montessori educators play in inspiring and planting the seeds of interest for children. Our workshop for educators and consultations are designed to empower and equip the generalist educator with the tools and inspiration needed to bring dance into the life of the classroom.

For Children

We offer a variety of workshops to inspire and start your children on the journey to developing dexterity with the language of dance.

Why Dance?

Dance is a mode of self expression available to all. To dance is to be human. 

‘ is only by movement that the personality can express itself’
Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, p.137 

‘Not only are thought and action two parts of the same occurrence, but it is through movement that the higher life can express itself.’

Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, p.141

Kei Ikeda

Montessori Dance Kei Ikeda

Kei Ikeda is a qualified Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) 6-12 educator with over 10 years experience as a lead guide in the Montessori classroom. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Dance and English combined with a Bachelor of Education from the University of New South Wales.

Kei was awarded the Wilma Firth Prize for the most outstanding achievement in Bachelor of Dance Education Program, University of New South Wales.

In Class Workshops

Delivered Within School Term

No Prerequisites

For Educators & Children

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